Educational Videos and Documents

ASAGA is in the process of re-building the Educational Resources page so that important trainings and resources are available together.  If you click on a topic that does not have much information, we are working on it and you can call with questions at 907-444-4015 or 

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Click Petitioning to find helpful videos and documents when petitioning the Court for a guardianship of an adult. Also included is an instructional video about transferring a guardianship in and out of Alaska.

Fundamentals of Guardianship
Click above to see the training “Introduction to Guardianship”. Other documents include information on standards of practice, ethical principles and how to use the authority in your orders.

Filling out Reports
Once appointed, you will have several documents required. Click above to find out how to do your Guardianshp Plan, Implementation Report and Annual report.  The training video on the Annual Report and Keeping Track of Financials are currently available.

Financial Tools
There are several types of programs that you may engage with regarding the individual you are guardian or conservator for such as different types of trusts, ABLE accounts and more. Click above to learn about these various options.

Benefit Programs
Click here to learn more about benefits that the person you are helping may be entitled to and how to manage those programs such as Social Security, Public Assistance or waiver programs.

Featured Training