At some point, you may want to make arrangements for a loved one in the event you are no longer able to be the guardian or conservator.  You can review the statute on this matter at this LINK. 

Many ask if you can simply add a successor guardian to your will and that person could automatically take over.  While the statute does allow for a parent or spouse to nominate a successor guardian, the Court is still involved.  If all the parties are in agreement and file the paperwork, the Court could issue new orders without a hearing however if the current guardian is not a parent or spouse, there is no will or no appropriate substitution then you would file PG 190, Petition for Review to let the Court know a change needs to happen.

If you choose to add a co-guardian for this purpose, know that the Alaska Court does not distinguish between a primary and secondary guardian or conservator.  Each person would have equal responsibility and authority so whatever arrangements were worked out, it would be between the co-guardians.