Please see our list of Events!  At this time, all events are via Zoom.  You will receive a link via your EMAIL that you registered with no later than 9am the morning of each session.

SPECIAL  EVENTS – Scroll down for ongoing classes.  Free of charge unless otherwise noted.

January 19, 2022 from 12 to 1:30pm via Zoom.

Social Security – Benefits and Applications  Join our guest speaker, Alan Edwards, Senior Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration to discuss the types of benefits SSA can offer and how to best apply.    Register HERE

January 26, 2022 from 12 to 1:30pm via Zoom

Social Security – Managing Benefits  A second session with Mr. Edwards to learn more about how to properly manage the benefits to ensure their continued eligibility.  Register HERE

ONGOING CLASSES – Multiple dates and Free of charge

First Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 6pm via Zoom.   FUNDAMENTALS OF ADULT GUARDIANSHIP IN ALASKA.  This course will satisfy the education requirement for the Alaska Court System.  We cover the basic duties of being a guardian or conservator both for the Court and for the individual.    Register HERE

Second Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 6pm via Zoom.  TRACKING INFORMATION AND COMPLETING THE ANNUAL REPORT. Every year as a guardian or conservator, you will need to file a report with the Court on the current status of the protected individual.  The report should be detailed and accurate.  Learn in this course various methods of tracking the information and then putting it into the court form.  Register HERE.

NEW – Third Tuesday of each month from 4: to 5:30pm via Zoom.  HOW TO PETITION THE COURT FOR GUARDIANSHIP OR CONSERVATORSHIP. This course will cover the alternatives to guardianship to think about prior to petitioning and cover the primary instructions and protocols to use when petitioning and what to expect in the process.  Register HERE

Fourth Tuesday of each month from 4pm to 5pm via Zoom.  FAMILY GUARDIAN NETWORK. This is an informal meeting – part support group, part information and part networking.  Meet with a guardianship professional and other family guardians and conservators to discuss the successes and struggles of your role.  Register HERE