If you are looking to be appointed as a guardian or conservator or were just recently appointed, aside from your duties as guardian or conservator, there are a few requirements for the Court system you’ll need to be aware of and follow.  The Alaska Court System now has an Adult Guardianship Helpline to assist you with day to day questions.  Please call 907-264-0520 for assistance.

  1. Within 30 days of your appointment, you will need to complete the one hour of required education.  You can do this in a few different ways.
    1. Watch Part III of the Alaska Court System video.  Click HERE to be directed.  Once you have watched the video, you will be directed to fill out a certificate of completion.  Attach this certificate to PG 120, Affirmation of Education.  If you cannot access this online, please contact us and we can send out a thumb drive to do on the computer or mail written documents to read.
    2. The Alaska Court System holds a live class via Zoom on the first Tuesday of each month from 12pm to 2pm.  You can register here
    3. If you do not have internet access but want to attend a live class, call 907-264-0520.  Our facilitators can register you and you can call into the Zoom class.  
    4. If you are unable to complete the required training either via the online course, thumb drive or Zoom class or you need assistance with translation, contact the Guardianship Helpline for resources.  907-264-0520.
  2. Within 30 days of your appointment, you will need to complete a Guardianship Plan PG 401 unless you are a conservator only.  There is no plan for conservatorships.   If you have questions, 907-264-0520.
  3. Within 90 days of your appointment, you will need to complete the Guardianship Implementation and Inventory Report.  If you are conservator only, there is the Conservatorship Implementation Report.   If you have questions, call 907-264-0520.
  4. If your court orders indicated you have to create a written budget and if you have questions, contact us.  Most orders do not include this need but certain circumstances will require it.  Otherwise, the Implementation Report should provide an overview of their monthly income and monthly expenses.
  5. Every year you are the guardian or conservator, you will fill out an Annual report.  The Alaska Court System has a class on the 2nd Tuesday of each month on how to do the annual report and you can register at the same link above.   The helpline can also assist with mailing or emailing correct forms or questions.   You can sign up for the free reminder system under the tab, Annual Report Reminder.