ASAGA is able to record many trainings that are helpful to guardians and conservators on various subjects.  Please click on the training you are interested in to be directed to our You Tube channel.

Rights of an Individual with Disabilities in the Mental Health System     

What are the rights for individuals when facing forced medications, commitments or hospitalization.  Join Mark Regan with the Disability Law Center to cover the rights of a person with disabilities and our mental health system in Alaska.

Managing an Income Trust with Patrice Icardi

Local attorney, Patrice Icardi discusses the role of the trustee with managing an Income trust, also known as a Miller’s trust for guardians and conservators.  This training is also applicable for guardianship professionals to understand the role of a trustee when also a guardian.

Medicaid & Public Assistance:  An Overview 

This session will provide an overview of the basic rules of both applying for and managing two popular programs under the Division of Public Assistance, Adult Public Assistance and Medicaid.  Tips for application will be provided and an understanding of the annual review and day to day management of these programs.

Smart Investing for Individuals in Guardianship

This session will discuss investment management and fiduciary options to provide appropriate asset allocation vehicles for different beneficiaries’ ages and needs. This session will also cover the Uniform Prudent Investor Act and provide fiduciary best practices for investments and beneficiary portfolio selection. An overview of how to handle unique investments such as real estate, oil/gas/water/mineral interests and promissory/mortgage notes will also be provided.  Beneficiary budgeting and planning will also be addressed as well as an ABLE account planning review.

LGBT: Serving with Dignity 

Guardians and guardianship professionals should be open to working with their clients from all walks of life.  Learn some of the terms that are considered offensive and tips about how to maintain a balanced perspective.

Managing Social Security Benefits as a Rep Payee 

This presentation will provide an overview of two different types of income streams from the Social Security Administration; SSI and SSDI.  Participants will have a better understanding on how to navigate the income and asset limitations, reporting and expectations of the Social Security Administration.