The Alaska State Association for Guardianship and Advocacy (ASAGA) is a small, non-profit organization that provides tools, resources and advocacy in support of excellence in adult guardianship and conservatorship across the State.   We do not have staffing and run as a volunteer organization only.  Daily assistance on guardianship related questions can be answered by the Guardianship Help Line with the Alaska Court System at 907-264-0520.  ASAGA continues to have a few specialty programs and trainings for guardians and conservators of adults.

The purpose of this association is to provide for the interaction of ideas, education and communication between groups and individuals interested  in providing or furthering services to vulnerable individuals in the following manner:

  • To develop a network for exchange of information and referral efforts so that individuals in need of protection are provided appropriate and adequate services.
  • To educate public and professionals on matters related to guardianship and  alternative protective services.
  • To encourage the development of appropriate practices designed to improve services to vulnerable adults.
  • To serve as an advocate for vulnerable adults, to promote self-determination on the part of those persons and to facilitate appropriate family participation.
  • To collaborate with other organizations and agencies to address the needs of all persons in need of protection.
  • To facilitate communication and provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas among individuals and organizations concerned with guardianship and advocacy services.
  • To encourage and aid collaborative efforts among members and organizations in developing compatible standards and procedures for a comprehensive system of services.