Every person has their own story.  ASAGA was founded on this concept and each guardianship is unique.  There are so many circumstances and scenarios that guardians may have to deal with that becoming an expert at them all is impossible.  We all need information and support to function in our day to day lives.  Will you help to support a guardian or conservator with your expertise?


  1.  Advocates are volunteers and are not paid positions.
  2. Advocates provide information only; not legal advice.
  3. Advocates will be listed by name in our newsletter and annual report unless they wish to remain unlisted.
  4. It is the decision of the Administrator who can or cannot become an advocate.
  5. Please read over the Shared Expectations for Advocate and participant.

If you understand and agree with the volunteer position of an advocate, please fill out the attached form.  The ASAGA Administrator will contact you with 3 business days to set up a phone discussion.  We sincerely appreciate your consideration in sharing your expertise with Alaskan guardians and conservators!