Alaska is one of the states who have adopted the Uniform Adult Guardianship Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act which allows for easier state to state transfers of guardian and conservatorship orders.  To date, only Texas, Florida, Michigan and Kansas have NOT adopted the act so if you move to one of these states, you may have to re-petition.  In addition, some states may have requirements for you to transfer or other tasks if the transfer is contested.  Check with the Court you will be working with to see if they have additional information or that states guardianship assistance program.

  • You cannot transfer from one person to another – it must be the same guardian/conservator
  • You cannot increase or decrease authority in a transfer

If you are moving into or out of Alaska and the person you are guardian or conservator for is coming with you, ASAGA has brief training on the process.  Click HERE for the training.

Are you moving INTO Alaska and need to transfer in?  Petition to Transfer In

Are you moving OUT of Alaska and need to transfer out?  Petition to Transfer Out

Call or email us with any questions about the process!