What are your options if you are a family member or professional who has become concerned with an existing guardian or conservator?  There are several options at this time depending on your comfort level of involvement.

  1. Anyone can petition for review of an existing order.  Family, friends, professionals; even the protected individual.  The protected person has the right to ask for a review at any time.  There is the expectation however that you will then participate in the review and you do need to send a copy to the parties involved in the case; typically the guardian or conservator and the protected individual.  Use form PG 190.  
  2. If you want to make a confidential report and not be directly involved, you can file a Report of Harm with Adult Protective Services (APS). You can learn more about APS under our Helpful Links page.
  3. If you have more of a concern about a person’s rights being violated, you could also try Disability Law Services  (DLC) or the Long Term Care Ombudsman LTCO). You can find out more on each of these entities websites.
  4. If you have a concern about a public guardian with the Office of Public Advocacy, you can file a Grievance with OPA to try and resolve internally or if that does not work, you can file a complaint with the State Ombudsman (different from the LTCO).
  5. If you have a concern about a private, professional guardian, you can file a complaint with the licensing division in Alaska and/or the Center for Guardianship Certification.   
  6. If the person is over 60 years of age and there is financial exploitation, you can file with the Elder Fraud & Assistance department.
  7. If the person receives Social Security, you could also file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General
  8. If you suspect Medicaid Fraud, you can contact the Medicaid Fraud Department

You may need to file complaints or contact multiple entities if the circumstances are necessary.  If you have other questions, please to not hesitate to contact us.