Unless otherwise noted – there is NO FEE for these services. While ASAGA does not have full time staffing, generous funding from the Alaska Mental Health Trust helps us to provide support to Alaskans regarding adult guardianship. We hold hours on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from 9am to 3pm or by appointment.  Here is what we can do!

Information, Referrals or Consultations – ASAGA can assist in navigating the guardianship system but are not experts at everything a guardian or conservator may need to do however we have volunteers who are willing to help or we can direct you to the appropriate organization to assist you.  We cannot give legal advice however we can discuss questions you have about your authority and steps to take to address your concerns.  We can assist with filling out forms, understanding authority or accessing the Court.

Interpreter Services – If English is a second language to a family guardian and an interpreter would be helpful to assist in explanation of such topics like guardianship duties, filling out annual reports or other paperwork, ASAGA has contracted with the Language Link to provide telephonic interpreter services.

Annual Report Reminders – Daily life can get busy so let us help you remember your duty to the Court and remind you of the Annual Report.  Contact ASAGA with your reporting dates and we’ll provide an email or text 30 days ahead and 7 days ahead of the due date based on your preferred method of contact.  We can also assist in filling out the annual report.  Sign up on our website.

Education – ASAGA provides webinars over your computer or phone on various topics throughout the year.  If you would like to receive updates on what we offer, contact us to be added to our email distribution list.  Many of the webinars are then recorded and provided on our website for later viewing.

Conference Scholarship – See our Jackson Stanley Conference Scholarship page for more information or an application form.  ASAGA will send an Alaskan guardian or guardianship professional to the National Guardianship Association conference each year which is held in different parts of the country each year.

Support Network – Via Zoom, we offer a monthly facilitated support network so that guardians across the State can connect with on another.

Annual Conference – This is the only program we have a fee for where ASAGA hosts a two day conference each October on various topics on guardianship and conservatorship issues.  See the ASAGA Conference for more information.

What we cannot do:

ASAGA is not a legal service.  We cannot provide legal advice or become involved in an ongoing case.  We do not represent individuals.  We cannot become a guardian or conservator for someone.  If your request borders on legal advice or crosses over into something we cannot do, we will indicate so and do our best to find the right entity to help with your situation.

Contact ASAGA via our Make an Appointment form on this website, by phone or email to learn more about our services or receive assistance.