Educational Resources – Featured Training

ASAGA has both local and national speakers discuss a variety of topics both pertaining to the duties of a guardian and issues that affect guardians and those they are serving.  Several times a year we’ll offer new webinars and record them for future viewing.
Interested in learning more about Supported Decision Making Agreements?  Guardianship is not always the answer and Alaska has other tools that may work for your situation.  They could be stand alone or used in combination with one another.  A new tool for Alaska are SDMA’s.  Click HERE to be re-directed to our YouTube channel to hear more about them Click HERE for the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education website for additional information.
Right to Association?  What is it and what does it mean for me as a guardian?  The NGA Standards of Practice can help you as a guardian make many decisions as a guardian based on the ideal standards and with whom your loved one or protected individual can associate with might be a decision you are faced with.  Learn more of the history and reason this is a hot topic due to national headlines as Terry Hammond from the National Guardianship Association leads this discussion.  Click HERE to be directed to our YouTube channel to watch.  Click HERE to download the NGA Standards of Practice applicable to all guardian and conservators.