Every year you are guardian or conservator, you must file an annual report with the Court.  You should receive a reminder letter from the Court about 30 days prior to the report being due but you can also sign up for the Annual Report Reminder program from ASAGA under our Services tab.

Your reporting period is a 12 month period.  You then have 30 days to file the report.  If you have questions about your dates, check your order or contact us and we can help. ASAGA holds a monthly class on the 2nd Tuesday at 4pm to 5:30 each month on How to do the Annual Report and you can register under our Calendar of Events.  If you cannot attend the webinar, see below for helpful information on completing this requirement.

VIDEO – How to do the Annual Report  ( We apologize, the link broke on this training but will be back up by Sunday, January 17th)

DOCUMENT – Monthly Monitoring Form.  We suggest doing this form and keeping a copy of the monthly bank statement and receives with each month so at the end of the year, you’ll have all you need.  This is a PDF format – if you’d like a Word format to edit for your needs, please email us at asagaak@gci.net and we’ll be happy to send or if you need paper copies, call 444-4015 and leave your address and we’re happy to mail.