Statewide Training

Guardianship 101 & More!  Flyer and Registration Links Below

ASAGA will be presenting in the following communities what it means to be a guardian or conservator in Alaska.  Guardianship 101 & More will include;

Knowing Your Options – Understand that guardianship is not always the answer and what to think about first or as an alternative later.

Monitoring Is Everyone’s Job – While the Court ultimately is there to monitor, all of us can play a part.  What should you be monitoring for, what would the Court find troubling if you are a guardian and what resources are their for concerns or if help is needed.

What is my Authority? We’ll take a look at a guardians authority using the NGA Standards of Practice and how to use it.

Who’s Money is it? – We’ll spend a few moments on misconceptions regarding a person’s money and what it can be used for.

In many locations, we’re offering the presentation twice to allow for attendance by both professionals, self-advocates and families but also for smaller groups and good conversation.

CLICK the appropriate link for the flyer or to register in your community!

March 27th – Wasilla Public Library – NEW DATE 3/27 rescheduled from January

FLYER                March 27th Registration

February 28 and February 29  – Downtown Juneau Public Library   *rescheduled from January 17 and 18. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

FLYER                February 28th Registration        February 29th Registration

March 6 and March 7th – Aspen Hotel, Soldotna

FLYER                 March 6th Registration               March 7th Registration   

April 3 – Valdez Convention Center

FLYER                 April 3rd Registration

April 10th and 11th – BP Energy Center Anchorage

FLYER                April 10th Registration               April 11th Registration (limited seating)